ANDY is 1! Firefighter Mickey Hat How-To…

Hello Friends!

When you ask your 4 year old what her little brother’s party theme should be, she’s bound to come up with something that’s not quite out of a Party City bag!

Yes, Lily is the one that came up with this Firefighter Mickey theme. It was a lot of DIY work – which thankfully my family embraces. I couldn’t have done it without a bunch of wonderful helpers – who I drove NUTS ūüėČ
So here’s how we made these adorable Firefighter Mickey & Minnie Hats:

Custom Minnie and Mickey Fire Hats

Minnie bows by my BFF and co-owner of 3 Cute Girls Boutique. They are lifesavers!

1. ¬†Order hats online.¬†My dear sister originally ordered these on Oriental Trading¬†and my awesome sis-n-law went and ordered some more on Amazon with cheap express shipping when I realized my kid guest list had just about doubled! (Blessed with the most amazing group of family and friends…with lots of babies).

Mickey's Fire Dept

Mickey’s Fire Dept FREE Printable!

2. Print Labels. I created these on Google Drawing (I’m so fancy, huh?). Here’s a link for you!¬† I¬†printed on sticker paper (thanks, White Lily Tia, for sharing your sticker paper with us), and then we (by “we” I mean White Lily Daddy) cut it by hand to cover that original Fire Chief label that I wasn’t too crazy about.

3.  Cut Mickey Ears. We used our Cricut to cut 3.5 inch circles on black cardstock.

4. Cut slits into hats.¬†The ears are inserted into about a half inch slot on either side of the hat, which was cut (again, thanks Babe!) using an Exacto knife. ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†For the girl’s hats, the slit for the bow is about a quarter inch on the top. He kinda balanced the hat on a cup for leverage…you’ll see when you try!

5. ¬†Add ears and bows.¬†They should fit right into those slits you made! We got our bows from 3 Cute Girls Boutique¬†because they are the best…well, I might be partial to the co-owner, who I have been blessed to have in my life as an amazing friend for over 25 years (WHOA!)

5. ¬†Reinforce ears on the inside of the hat. We used plain ol’ scotch tape. It worked fine I think! They stood up to¬†stacking, transporting, and abuse from many a toddler at the birthday party on a windy, windy day.

VOILA – Firefighter Mickey Hats! This would also work well for a Safari Mickey theme with THESE cute hats¬†and lots of animal prints. They’d also be a great addition to your classroom or home dress up center!

Here is a link¬†to the treat bag circle labels,¬†the Bubble Labels (“Fire Extinguishers”!) and Lifesaver Treat Bag Toppers (“You’re a LIFESAVER!”)




2 thoughts on “ANDY is 1! Firefighter Mickey Hat How-To…

  1. Hi Tia! It’s me TATA! I am Sooo proud of u…u have inspired me to work hard on my maven book and actually even get started with it…love u lots…always let your creativity shine…cause it shines bright!!!‚ú®


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