Mommy-Daughter Date!

What do you do when you have an unexpected day off? I had about 64,349 things to choose from – tackle a pile of laundry, study, return stuff at the store, study, blah, BLAH, BLAHHH! But instead, I chose to have a “Mommy and Lily Day…Pahm, pahm PAAAHM! (This was what she actually called it! Can you hear her little voice singing that?) So she got to play hooky and we went to Young at Art Museum in Davie.

The museum is divided into 4 exhibits, each with its own set of activities and attractions guaranteed to keep your little one busy for at least 30 minutes each (we took longer in some). We loved the Alice in Wonderland themed Wonderscapes, which featured whimsical teapot play sculptures,  a rabbit hole tree house, and a giant water table.

20150309_105818         20150309_110107          20150309_110521

They also have an organized craft activities on most mornings. We can’t show the finished product because it’s going to be a birthday present to one of our readers!


The outdoor play area was also a big hit!



Next we hit up Artscapes, where we created graffiti inspired digital art, I showed the munchkin the old school art of the Etch-A-Sketch, and we rode the subway.


This part of the exhibit allows you to record a message on the computer explaining your piece!


She’s an Etch-A-Sketch prodigy!


NYC anyone?

There was also a very cool day-glow exhibit to walk through. Didn’t really have an activity attached to it, but nice visual and sensory integration for your little one.

20150309_122005 20150309_121951 20150309_122015

In CultureScapes, Mommy  LILY really enjoyed playing these African drums inside a Tiki Hut! She also loved peeking into this Native American hut and riding a Japanese tidal wave.


One of the best-known African drums is the West African djembe (pronounced zhem-bay).  The body is carved from a hollowed trunk and is covered in goat skin.


It’s a giant play structure! I mean GIANT…like, she got kinda lost in there. Don’t worry Abuelas, she only called out desperately once and I found her 😉

20150309_124006 (1)


Finally, we reached GreenScapes, which is a great place to initiate a conversation about recycling, taking care of our planet, and how art and the environment are related (you know, if your kid isn’t 3…then it’s just a place for them to wonder why all this trash isn’t in the garbage!).

Actually she really had a blast here with the area modeled after the STOMP stage show. They have screens with the show playing intermittently, and provide drumsticks and recycled materials for the kids to bang on.   Most of the items are attached to the wall, but there are some empty barrels scattered around, too. There was also a slide, which she did a couple dozen times…perfect for releasing some more of that endless energy!

Next, we spent quite a long time at the area where you can make puppets out of recycled materials. The display is very interesting and features large marionettes created out of everyday items, created by artist Pablo Cano. Then she put on a puppet show for us on stage!

20150309_140621           20150309_135357        20150309_135618

We spent about 4 hours here, and she really enjoyed every second. I highly recommend it for a Spring Break outing, class field trip, or your own Mommy-Daughter date. If you think you don’t have time – I highly encourage you to schedule it in, just like you would a doctor’s appointment or important meeting!

I wonder sometimes if she’s too young for days like this to make a difference. After all, do you remember anything from when you were 3 years old? But then, I realize this time is as much for me as for her! And I also know that while I may not remember specifics, I surely recall the feelings of growing up loved, valued, and made a priority. I hope one day, she looks back and remembers that I put EVERYTHING aside for Mommy and Lily Day. She may never know (until she’s a mom too!) about all the other days that I had to put things aside as well. But I WILL…and I think I’ll be so happy I did =)

What will you do for your Mommy-Daughter / Mommy-Son, or Daddy-Daughter / Daddy-Son date??? Comment below and give us all some fresh ideas!


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